Global Resilience Summit

A 360 View of Preparedness, Crisis Management and Resiliency

The Global Resilience Summit (formerly known as ITCMS) comes to London on 7 November 2019.

Like the International Travel Crisis Management Summit before it, the GRS 2019 will see global government officials and business leaders come together in London to discuss the latest developments in resiliency planning, using a combination of case studies, best practices and learnt lessons. This series of events was created to reflect the increased need for preparedness and crisis management in the modern world and serves to empower delegates with the necessary knowledge to execute resiliency.

Present at the Summit will be decision makers from the travel industry and beyond, including any sector which has a touchpoint with the traveller, from governments and NGOs to technology and finance.

This event is by invitation only, however if you feel it may be of relevance to you, please click "Register your interest" below.