The Global Travel and Tourism Resilience Council serves the worldwide travel industry, facilitating planning and preparation for crisis response, recovery and resilience issues. The Resilience Council is a network and forum for governments and businesses, bringing the public and private sectors together for the development of sustainable frameworks to enable business growth. The Council has successfully created a platform for professionals from various industries to identify:

• Methodologies

• Tools/Tooling

• Opportunities and risks

Through sharing information and best practices in preparedness, crisis management, resilience and disaster recovery, destinations improve, businesses flourish and traveller mobility increases. Partnering with governments and businesses around the globe, the key objectives of the Resilience Council are:

• GLOBAL AWARENESS AND EDUCATION for leaders and decision makers through peer to peer thought leadership.

• RESOURCE SHARING through best in breed companies and organizations with proven applications for sustainability and resiliency.

• EXPERIENCIAL GUIDANCE AND RECOGNITION by and for stakeholders in the travel and associated industries through stories and lessons learned.

• RESPONSE AND RECOVERY methodologies with global and regional applications for long term success.

2020 Events

5 November - WTM, London, UK – Resilience Council Thinktank

6 - 7 November - 'A World for Travel' Global Forum, Evora, Portugal

The Spirit of Resilience




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