Asian Resilience Summit

Organised by the Resilience Council, alongside partner the Nepal Tourism Board, this event will review successful policies in Nepal which led to stabilization and growth of the travel sector.

Nepal is going through tremendous transitions in the economic and political spheres, with significant changes in the past few years in the face of challenge. The current unprecedented opportunities for partnerships, trade and foreign direct investment call for the showcasing of this unique destination.  Nepal can fulfill its potential only through an integrated approach, hence the hosting of the 2019 Asian Resilience Summit - a prelude to the Visit Nepal Campaign 2020, themed "Nepal: for Lifetime Experience".

The Summit will have a strong focus on the benefits of marketing to the intrepid traveler, as well as wider affinity markets, perception, brand management and communication, entrepreneurial spirit, government programs and philosophies that can be developed or deployed for other destinations’ resiliency planning.