Laurie Myers, Jacobs Media Group
Laurie Myers
International Partnerships
Jacobs Media Group

Laurie’s career has been in and around the travel sector for the last three decades, consolidating her experience in the cruise industry at Cunard, travel insurance, property and casualty insurance with Allianz to European online travel consolidation via Cendant, Orbitz Worldwide, Blackstone and Travelport. Currently, she focuses her extensive network, journalistic and editorial skills within the Jacobs Media Group where she helped establish and launch in 2016, the Global Travel and Tourism Resilience Council, initially created as the International Travel Crisis Management Summit.

Laurie is responsible for the thought leadership agendas that serve the mission of the Council, to bring together the best of breed, to share their knowledge and experience for the ultimate goal of improving the confidence of travelers, the resiliency of destinations and travel related enterprises. With a proven ability to identify strategic opportunities ahead of the curve and influence decision makers, she relishes her thought leadership work and passionately pursues geopolitical trends, knowledgeable speakers, unique case studies, innovative products and services which benefit those with whom she engages. As of 2018, the initiative went global and shows all the signs of continuous growth and expansion.

Her travel, tourism and marine consultancy business allows her to provide strategic direction, performance analysis and change management skillset to benefit clients such tour operators, cruise lines, governments, destination management companies and tourist boards. Having pursued her education at Ohio Wesleyan University, she has lived in Athens, Brussels, London, Maastricht, New York and Paris, she heralds from Philadelphia, home is Miami Beach, Dana Point and Athens.